Passover is a time to recall our passage from slavery to freedom at the seder. Together with family and community, we celebrate our survival as we tell the story of the ancient heroes of Israel.

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Scholarship ceremony

Scholarship Awards Ceremony

At a special and festive ceremony at Beit Halochem Tel Aviv, ZDVO / Beit Halochem awarded 74 sports scholarships to individuals, for a total amount of NIS 480,000, or approximately $140,000.

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Greenberg Family Visits Beit Halochem Jerusalem

Debbie and Matt Greenberg, and their sons Jason and Robert, recently visited our Beit Halochem center in Jerusalem. The Greenberg brothers Matt, Mitchel and Mark, have shown their steadfast love for Israel’s wounded veterans by supporting Beit Halochem’s Gil-On Club for retirees, as well as the Young Disabled Veterans Club.

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Evan Agatston, Yoseph Haddad, and Elizabeth Hirsch

Dor Hadash/New Generation of Leaders Beit Halochem USA

In each generation, it takes a group of committed people to continue a family legacy of philanthropy. Helping people is part of Jewish life. Now a new group, the Dor Hadash Board, currently in formation, is focusing on bringing awareness and financial support to the four Beit Halochem rehabilitation centers in Israel that serve more than 50,000 disabled veterans, terror attack survivors, and their family members.

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