To all our friends: We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your support. Your quick response and willingness to assist mean a lot to us and the people we are helping on the ground in Israel. As we continue our emergency aid efforts for Israel’s wounded soldiers during this war, as well as prepare for the aid needed after, we remain hopeful for peaceful days ahead. We pray for a swift recovery for all those injured and for the safe return of the missing and abducted individuals.

Beit Halochem USA remains steadfast in its unwavering solidarity with the State of Israel and her citizens.

We share in the unspeakable and inconsolable grief of the hundreds of families who have lost their loved ones. We are heartbroken and pray for the swift release and return of the abducted and the missing, and we wish a full and speedy recovery to the thousands injured.

FIDV/Beit Halochem USA is the sole organization authorized in the United States to raise charitable funds for the rehabilitation of wounded Israeli veterans who are members of Beit Halochem. Our role at the present time is more critical than ever.

Beit Halochem is working closely with the Ministry of Defense to ensure all those who have been recently wounded are supported, visited and welcomed into the ranks of our Beit Halochem family.

A special 24-7 help line has been established for members experiencing emotional distress and trauma. “Check in calls” have been initiated to over 10,700 members living in Israel’s south and families are being assisted to evacuate from their homes near the Gaza border.

Beit Halochem needs your help in these difficult days. We call upon you, our friends in the USA, to support and honor our brave heroes in Israel.

With Your Help, We Can Make A Difference

It happens with lightning speed. There’s no time to think or react. A bullet whizzes through the air. A bomb explodes.

Everything goes black. After the initial silence, sirens scream, medics spring into action, helicopters whir overhead. And a young person, often barely 18, is rushed to hospital. It is the way of life for soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces and for all Israelis. It is the nightmare they face every day.

After the surgeries and painful treatments, it is Beit Halochem that takes over – to heal, provide therapies, offer a comforting shoulder, lift a broken spirit. Your donations are needed to help support the ongoing rehabilitation of Israel’s Disabled Veterans. You can give them hope for recovery when you make a donation in honor or memory of a loved one. You may wish to use the following giving levels as a guide: $36 – $72 – $100 – $180 – $360 – $500 – $1000 – $1800 – $3600.

In the United States, FIDV–Beit Halochem, a not-for-profit, tax exempt [501(c)(3)], organization is the only authorized institution whose purpose is to facilitate the rehabilitation of disabled Israeli veterans at the state-of-the-art Beit Halochem centers in Israel, which for many become a kind of second home.

Living. Dreaming. Achieving.


In addition to making your donation online, options include:


  • Planned Giving: We are pleased to be able to offer you a new, comprehensive range of planned giving options. Please contact Ella Levine for stock, bond, and planned giving information. Telephone: 212-689-3220.

  • Matching Gifts: You can double or triple the value of your gift by checking with your employer regarding matching gift programs.

  • Stocks: FIDV accepts donations of stock. Please contact Ella Levine. Telephone: 212-689-3220.

  • Israel Bonds: FIDV accepts donations of Israel Bonds.

  • Or mail your check to: Friends of Israel Disabled Veterans (FIDV) – Beit Halochem, 1133 Broadway, Suite 318, New York, NY 10010


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