Academic and Sports Excellence Scholarships

Academic Studies

Many soldiers who were wounded during their service found their dreams and plans suddenly shattered. We need to support and assist them in finding a new direction. This is one of the highest priorities within their rehabilitation process.

For many of the war disabled and victims of terror attacks, the opportunity to further develop academic skills is crucial to independent living. Supporting them during their academic studies will  empower them to obtain an education, while assisting them with the necessary tools to face the many challenges of a new life.

Scholarship applications for Academic Studies are sent to the scholarship committee annually for each completed academic year. The scholarship amounts allotted to any specific individual vary according to need, disability and other factors. In 2014, 517 Academic Scholarships were handed out totaling more than $648,000 USD.

Sports Excellence Scholarships for Excelling Athletes

Being involved in sport activities, particularly in competitive sport, has a significant impact on the mental, physical and social aspects of the rehabilitation process. In recent years the field of competitive sport for the disabled has expanded and become more demanding. Attaining the necessary skills to take part in international competitions requires disabled men and women to persevere in their efforts, invest countless hours of training and place excellence and achievements at the top of their priorities.

Scholarships for Excelling Disabled Athletes support and motivate those disabled who qualify to compete in international competitions and the Paralympic games. As well as individuals who have benefited mentally and physically with continued sports activity.

Scholarships are awarded to outstanding disabled players in all fields of sport who have had significant achievements and results, as well as to coaches who stand out in their dedication and training programs. This funding is also offered as an incentive to young disabled athletes who exhibit special perseverance and commitment that progresses over a period of at least three consecutive years.

A minimum gift of $1,800 USD is requested to support Scholarships for Excelling Disabled Athletes. In 2017, 79 excelling athletes and coaches received scholarships totaling $140,000 USD.

Thank you for supporting Friends of Israel Disabled Veterans.


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