Together We Will Win!

Please join with us now to make sure Beit Halochem can reach and rehabilitate every wounded man and woman who risked their lives for the State of Israel and for all of us.

We cannot do this without you!

The historical and current significance of our warriors' efforts to safeguard not only our independence, but our very existence, is clearer than ever.
Their sacrifices are the reason we endure, thrive and lead as a nation. They are the reason we are able toblossom as a free people in our land.

Beit Halochem is actively providing crucial services such as lodging near hospitals, meals, showers, clothing, trauma support, and more.
We continue to serve over 60,000 disabled veterans.

We may be the smallest nation, but we are the largest family.

Beit Halochem is the only institution authorized to facilitate the rehabilitation in collaboration with the government and Ministry of Defense to ensure the successful rehabilitation of Israel’s wounded soldiers.

Our support for our veterans is lifelong.

A Compilation
of Significant Milestones

Independence Day Greetings
from Beit Halochem Members

Special greeting to our friends from
the Minister of Defense, Yoav Gallant






Because of people like you and Beit Halochem, we have reason to get up in the morning. When you recover from the injury, when the wounds have healed … and you get to Beit Halochem – to that warm home – how lucky we are… we have the whole Jewish people behind us.

Wounded Veteran

in Operation Protective Edge (2014)

When the clouds have dispersed and the bloodstains washed from the streets, so begins your journey. This is the battle after the war… A battle you fight with your injured body and aching soul; a battle to breathe, to get up, to stand, to eat unassisted, to speak, to read and write, to do up laces and buttons, to hold a cup without it falling, to hold a child in your arms, to sleep one night … free from nightmares and pain. This is a war of independence. This is your war.

Reuven Rivlin

President of the State of Israel

You can do anything… I believe one needs to deal with things and one mustn’t sink… As soon as I arrived at Beit Halochem, I was approached and to ride bikes. I ride with vets wounded 30 years ago and it is amazing… Everyone has one thing in common: the choice they made to keep on living no matter what happened.

Achiya Klein

Blinded on October 31, 2013


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