CHAI for LIFE: New monthly giving initiative to meet urgent needs at Beit Halochem

Beit Halochem supporters at the event

On Sunday, February 11, 2024, more than 100 people gathered at the home of Lisa and Barry Levi in Boca Raton, to support Beit Halochem and the wounded heroes of Israel. Special Guest Speaker, Ron Birman, was introduced by Dr. Isaac Seinuk, Co-Chair of Beit Halochem USA.

Birman, a veteran who himself suffered and extreme injury while serving in the Maritime Helicopter Squadron 183, addressed the guests, explaining the critical importance of the Beit Halochem rehabilitation centers in the healing process for the men and women wounded during their military service. He persevered and was able to return to active service after a challenging recovery process. Today he serves as the chief commander in charge of naval training for the Israel Missile Cruise Fleet.

All funds raised at this event will be contributed to the inaugural Chai for Life campaign to support the many services and programs for the 12,000 wounded soldiers now coming to Beit Halochem to rebuild their lives. Founders of this new fundraising initiative, which focuses on bringing, and longtime monthly donors, are Lisa and Barry Levi, the hosts, and longtime supporters of Beit Halochem.

Special Guest Speaker, Ron Birman

We are grateful to Lisa and Barry for their energy, commitment and dedication to the men and women of Israel giving so much of themselves to protect the country.

Beit Halochem supporters at the event

To join the Chai for Life initiative, please click here now to make a monthly gift of a multiple of $18. It will truly make a difference.


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