Amnon Sharon, a former POW, speaks to AIPAC visitors at Beit Halochem

AIPAC-AIEF Members Visit Beit Halochem

A group of 25 members participating in a week-long AIPAC-AIEF Biennial Senate Club Mission to Israel stopped in to visit Beit Halochem on November 8. They chose Beit Halochem as one of the “electives” that allow for deeper exploration. The overall mission, comprised of 160 leading AIPAC activists and supporters from the United States, is a cross-section of the front lines of America’s pro-Israel community.

Paralympics swimmer and gold medalist, Hanoch Budin, and former POW, Amnon Sharon, addressed the visitors at Beit Halochem, touching them with their personal stories.  The two-hour visit impressed the members with the importance of what they saw and learned.

The mission program provides a broad spectrum look at issues of pressing concern to Israel, including security, politics, economy, diplomatic relations and regional challenges and opportunities.


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