Israel at 75

It Was a Great Opportunity for Friends
to Support the Heroes of Beit Halochem

The Israel at 75 Mission was a great success. A group of close to 50 supporters of Israel’s disabled veterans and Beit Halochem, from across the world, joined together on a seven-day intense exploration of Israel today, with a special emphasis on disabled veterans and members of the IDF. Our group was truly a “Kibbutz Galuyot”, an ingathering of friends from the USA, Canada, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico.

Our group learned so much in Israel. Over the week we met so many brave and courageous members of Beit Halochem, as well as active-duty men and women. We offer as special thanks to veterans Zarin Hirschkoff, Ret. Gen. Avigdor Kahalani, and Noam Gershony.

Photo collage of highlights from the 2023 mission to Israel


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