Runners at the start

10th Annual Run/Walk in Woodmere

Runners and Walkers of All Ages Turn Out for Beit Halochem and Disabled Israeli Veterans

Runners at the start

And they’re off!

At the 10th Annual 5 Towns 5K Run/Walk, held on Sunday, May 19, 2019, an eager crowd of close to 400 braved uncertain weather in North Woodmere Park to raise awareness and critical operating funds for the Beit Halochem centers in Israel.

Event organizer Dr. Isaac Seinuk, longtime member of the Friends of Israel Disabled Veterans Board,  commented, “This is the 10th Annual FIDV 5 Towns 5k Run/Walk. I am so proud to see many supporters who have participated year after year. Thanks to you all!” He also gave a shout out to Avid Fitness for bringing a large group of supporters, many there for the first time.

Participants ranged in age from 8 years old to 84 years old. Crossing the finish line first was Shlomo Schneiber (Far Rockaway) 16:43. The first woman to finish was Leiba Rimler (Brooklyn) at 20:36. On a personal note, four generations of the Seinuk family participated.

The oldest competitors, both 84, were Carlos Morales (Corona) 35:21, and Alan Stern (Woodmere) 40:59.

A special certificate was presented to Dr. Seinuk from FIDV for his dedication to helping Israel’s disabled veterans and terror attack survivors.

“That you care about Israel’s most courageous makes this all possible,” Dr. Seinuk noted. “Let’s work together to make sure the Beit Halochem rehabilitation centers in Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva can continue to provide individualized therapies, classes, physical challenges, specialized team sports and training, academic scholarships, family-oriented activities, and a healing community.”

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