2018 Annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony At Beit Halochem

The latest scholarship distribution ceremony of ZDVO, Tel Aviv District, was held in the evening of Dec. 25, 2018, at Beit Halochem Tel Aviv.

Adir Siman Tov, who was injured in an accident during his military service and since then has been confined to a wheelchair, spoke on behalf of the scholarship recipients. He now is studying for an MBA.

With the support of our many donors, we were able to award 518 scholarships for academic and vocational training, as well as pre-academic preparatory courses, in a total amount of $589,811. We also awarded 32 creative arts and culture scholarships for a total amount of $19,852.

The artistic performance at the ceremony included Uriel Kita, a scholarship recipient, who appeared alongside his daughter, who played keyboards and sang.

Total scholarship support distributed at this ceremony amounted to $609,663.

All photos: Ariel Besor

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