Wounded IDF veterans find a home in Israel’s state-of-the-art rehabilitation centers

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By RENEE GHERT-ZAND |  March 2, 2024

…Four months after his injury, Sagy, a 25-year-old law and administration student from Kibbutz Gadot in northern Israel, is still undergoing outpatient rehabilitation at Ichilov. However, he has begun spending a significant portion of his time at Beit Halochem, a comprehensive rehabilitation, sports, and recreation center exclusively for Israel’s disabled veterans.

Beit Halochem is a place where being a disabled veteran is the norm and the focus is on staying active and engaged, and on working on personal challenges. ZDVO chairperson, attorney Edan Kleiman, sets a personal example. He has been wheelchair-bound since being shot by terrorists in Gaza in 1992, during his regular army service.

There is no other country that has this for its disabled veterans. – ORA SEIDNER

We’ve had American vets visit us and cry [from envy] when they see how committed we are to the long-term rehabilitation for our men and women,” said Ora Seidner, who does project development for the ZDVO’s Zahal Disabled Veterans Fund.

We usually get 300 to 500 new members a year. Now we are preparing for an influx of thousands. Hundreds of new members are already coming to our Beit Halochem centers and getting involved in sports like basketball and swimming and are using our fitness centers,” she said.


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