FIDV Parlor Meetings with Col. Ilan Egozi

“I am just one of the 50,000 disabled veterans that FIDV- Beit Halochem serves”:
FIDV Parlor Meetings with Col. Ilan Egozi (res.)

Col. Ilan Egozi (res.), Special Emissary to the United States for Zahal Disabled Veterans (ZDVO), made this remark as he greeted guests at series of three FIDV Parlor Meetings held in late October 2013. Because he is one of the disabled veterans who are part of the FIDV- Beit family, he has a daily understanding of why this cause is so important.

At the homes of Frances and Glenn Schor, Rachel and Mark Porat, Sara and Yehuda Solaimanzadeh in late October, Egozi described the great need, and the many opportunities to make a difference in the life of a veteran by helping FIDV-Beit Halochem and the 50,000 disabled veterans and survivors of terror attacks we serve. Egozi, who recently retired from a long, accomplished career as the Executive Director of the Zahal Disabled Veterans Fund and representative of Beit Halochem, exemplifies the challenges and triumph over adversity that are at the heart of FIDV- Beit Halochem.

Col. Egozi served in the Navy for 25 years, most of them spent as a combatant and officer in “Shayetet 13”, the Navy’s Commando Forces. On behalf of Beit Halochem he has raised funds from Jewish communities the world over. Those funds raised during his tenure, together with the very close personal ties he built over the years with donors, have made it possible to build and maintain the four Beit Halochem centers. The centers, in Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva, offer a wide range of individualized therapies, rehabilitation programs, family-oriented activities and a variety of cultural arts.

The current priorities include: bringing to completion, expansion and renovation projects at existing Beit Halochem facilities and increasing the amount of activities held at the centers, including the Academic Scholarships Project, etc.

For more information on FIDV-Beit Halochem, and to plan your own FIDV Parlor Meeting, please contact Ella Levine, National Executive Director, at or 212-689-3220.

To read a multi-page interview with Col. Egozi (English-language translation) published in April 2013 in Halochem Magazine, please click here .


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