Young Leaders Unite: FIDV-Beit Halochem in New York City

We are pleased to introduce the future of Friends of Israel Disabled Veterans-Beit Halochem, the Young Leaders Committee. This new team of energetic millennials will focus on raising awareness of the organization’s mission and critical program funds.

On September 10, 2014 Michael Leichtling, longtime FIDV Chair, hosted the Young Leaders meeting at his offices in the Chrysler Building. He noted, “I am very optimistic about this group of young leaders…They are an articulate and personable group filled with energy and ideas. And FIDV is committed to provide such support and resources as they need to really succeed.”


Our friend Michael Shmuely will serve as the Chair, and Jacob Kent as the Co-Chair among the founding members. “Jake and I are very excited to work with all of you. We believe this is an incredible opportunity to truly make a difference for our wounded soldiers. You are all founding members of a group that will grow and accomplish amazing things in the years ahead.”

Although some of these young leaders also serve on boards of other Jewish organizations, their commitment to helping Israeli disabled veterans runs especially deep. Their dedication mirrors the words of a former FIDV Trustee: “There are many worthwhile charities in Israel, but without these soldiers there would be no Israel.”

Brave soldiers, once seriously wounded, are still the foundation of our community and need
our help. With the participation of these new Young Leaders, we hope to enter a time when
even the most seriously wounded Israeli warriors can heal, recover, and rejoin the larger
Jewish and Israeli communities.

“It is indeed very exciting to welcome these wonderful, dedicated young leaders to join in
this most compelling mission,” Barbara H. Urbach Lissner, a member of the FIDV Board,
concurred. “We thank and applaud you!”


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