The delegation from AIPAC/AIEF visits Beit Halochem in Israel.

AIPAC/AIEF Delegation Visits Beit Halochem

In the first week of September 2019, a very distinguished delegation of American friends, many of whom have a military background, visited Beit Halochem.

Part of a now three-year collaboration between Beit Halochem and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the American Israel Education Fund (AIEF), the delegates met disabled veterans, toured the Beit Halochem facility, and discussed issues related to the heroes’ rehabilitation challenges and accomplishments.

Among the delegates were engineering experts, government representatives, state senators, not-for-profit executives, university professor, and retired military leaders. Yom Kippur War veteran, Anat Yahalom, addressed the delegation, as did Devorah Biluar, head of the hydrotherapy programs at Beit Halochem.

The visit included an opportunity to watch the Beit Halochem ballroom dancers rehearsing for the World Championship in December, which moved many present.

Matan Berman, an inspiring amputee member of the Beit Halochem Wall Climbing Club, met with the delegation, and described how the club has been so instrumental to his recovery.


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