2021 Scholarship Awards Ceremony

Sports Excellence Scholarships Awarded to 66 Outstanding Israeli Athletes

On the evening of August 7,  2021, ZDVO-Beit Halochem presented 66 sports scholarships to excelling athletes and their coaches. In this special and festive ceremony at Beit Halochem Tel Aviv, a total amount of NIS 506,250 (US$ 156,000) in scholarship support was awarded for individual’s outstanding athletic achievements.

The ceremony also celebrated the upcoming Tokyo Paralympic Games and the participants!

The ZDVO-Beit Halochem Tokyo Paralympics Delegation includes 18 athletes who train at the Beit Halochem Centers, 5 of whom are IDF disabled veterans.

The brave men and women representing all four Beit Halochem centers carry with them the values of determination, perseverance and hard work. These contribute significantly to their successful rehabilitation process, and also reflect the victory of the spirit over hardship.

A special “Thank You” from ZDVO-Beit Halochem to the generous donors who make this all possible.

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Photos by Avi Grabiner


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