Major General Yoav Galant Meets with Friends of Israel Disabled Veterans

“It is important to remember that 85% of Beit Halochem’s budget comes from grants, donations and memberships,” Maj. Gen. Yoav Galant (res.) noted during his address to Board members of Friends of Israel Disabled Veterans, and colleagues, at the offices of Chairman Michael Leichtling. “Because Israel is in fact a very small country, her disabled veterans are all part of the ‘family’. The traditional Jewish concern for every Jew also drives both Israelis and Jews in many other countries to care and to join with FIDV-Beit Halochem,” according to Galant.

The Support of the Jewish Community of the United States

Why is this important? Because Maj. Gen. Galant MajorGeneralYoavGalantrecently assumed the position of Chairman at Friends of Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization-Beit Halochem in Israel. He accepted this newly-created position because of his extensive military experience – both as a soldier, and for many years, as a commander. (Click here for Maj. Gen. Galant’s full bio.)

Along with host Michael Leichtling, Board members David Fogel, Barbara Lissner, Mark Porat and Dr. Isaac Seinuk attended. Galant affirmed that “the support of the Jewish community in the United States is essential for the existence of the State of Israel.” He described the special bond between the countries, the Jewish communities, and the many people who care about the young people who serve as the staunch defenders of Israel.

“Never Allowing Myself to Forget”

“After my release from the military (I served 35 years), I never allow myself to forget our brave disabled veterans and civilian survivors of terror attacks. Let me say that as a commander myself, who sent these soldiers to the battlefield, I have a never-ending responsibility to them, and to their families, and to the families of those who are gone,” he emphasized. “This is an obligation.”

ShakeHandWithDrSeinuk_smMaj. Gen. Galant, now a civilian himself and the CEO of Nammax Oil and Gas Corp., has become the leader because of this obligation. “I accepted the job of leading this organization in Israel in order to help, and to contribute to the healing and reintegration of these soldiers into the community. We all need to be active – and raising the funds needed to keep Beit Halochem state-of-the-art and accessible to each person who needs us.”

After a period of questions and answers, Galant closed by mentioning his admiration for the younger generation and its innovative ideas. “For Israel: we have to be humble, know who we are, and know what we can do … a window opening for the first time in 66 years.”


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