Fern and Isaac Seinuk CIM 2019

Isaac and Fern Seinuk: Courage In Motion 2019

Dr. Isaac Seinuk, longtime Trustee of Friends of Israel Disabled Veterans-Beit Halochem, and his wife Fern, participated in the 2019 Courage in Motion ride in Israel, October 27-31. CIM is a bicycled-based journey that supports Beit Halochem, while also including disabled veterans riding along with the touring athletes.

Dr. Seinuk, who has been an annual participant, reflected on their experience in CIM. “ This year I rode with disabled mountain bikers through the forest in northern Israel. At each turn, I imagined that the tree I was passing was one planted by the quarters I had collected in grade school.”

For Fern, the 2019 CIM was her first Israel ride. The Seinuks were impressed by the beauty of Israel, and by the interactions they had with the disabled veterans supported by the ride.

Isaac noted, “The veterans we met on the bike ride all have unique stories, and have become our friends. My wife Fern rode with veterans who used hand-bicycles, and I rode with mountain bikers who had missing limbs. We shared stories about our families. We were very impressed by the personal accomplishments of these veterans.”

He went on to thank Beit Halochem for playing such a big part in putting our veterans back on the path to living normal lives. “I urge everyone who can to consider participating in the 2020 CIM. Which will be in southern Israel. You will see your dollars at work.”


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