Despite the Security Situation, “Courage in Motion 2015” is Underway

“Courage in Motion” (CIM), the annual bike ride in which dozens of Israeli disabled veterans take part alongside riders from North America, began on Sunday, October 18, as scheduled, despite concern that some of the guests would prefer to cancel in light of the precarious security situation in Israel.

BicycleVert_IDAN5962_280pxThis is the eighth consecutive year that CIM, an annual event that is the initiative of Friends of Beit Halochem Canada together with the Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization (ZDVO). Each year this event brings cyclists from Canada and the USA who spend 5 days riding alongside 70 disabled veterans of Israel, members of the Beit Halochem riding clubs. They cycle throughout the north of Israel on single bikes, hand bikes and tandem bikes. All overseas riders’ participation fees are a donation to the ZDVO and its Beit Halochem Centers.
Riding from the United States are Dr. Isaac Seinuk and Shay Windmiller, two members of the Friends of Israel Disabled Veterans Board. Dr. Seinuk has been a rider with CIM from the very beginning as well as the founder of the Vermont Bike Ride, and for Windmiller this is his second year participating. Also riding are Vlad Shneyder (2nd year), Regev Markowitz (1st year) and Walter McCormack (1st year).

Dr. Isaac Seinuk and 2015 CIM riders wearing "5 Towns 5K Run/Walk" t-shirts distributed to riders and other membersof Beit Halochem.

Dr. Isaac Seinuk and 2015 CIM riders wearing
“5 Towns 5K Run/Walk” t-shirts distributed to riders and other membersof Beit Halochem.

“Every year we are inspired by our disabled veterans who overcome many challenges to be part of the CIM ride,” Dr. Seinuk commented. “This sporting event is a small part of how Beit Halochem teaches disabled Israeli veterans to live their lives to the fullest. We are amazed at the love that they show us for our efforts.” At the ZDVO it was decided to add armed security guards to accompany each of the 4 routes of the bike ride.

Mr. Windmiller reports: “It is an amazing journey participating in the Courage in Motion bike ride in Israel. On the ride we rode with several blind soldiers on tandem bikes. Many injured soldiers on hand bikes and many soldiers with prosthetic legs. We laughed and we struggled together to complete another day of riding.”

ZDVO Director General, Brig. Gen. (res.) Haim Ronen, commented, “The arrival of the overseas riding delegation during these difficult times is moving. It is a true testament of the very strong bond of support and commitment that exists between them and our members.” Please support Beit Halochem and disabled veterans now by going to and making your most generous gift.

Courage In Motion is riding throughout the North of Israel, including the Golan Heights, the Upper and Western Galilee.Try to imagine that you are just out of high school, and doing your military service in Israel, when suddenly your life is changed forever by an exploding mortar, bullet, or suicide bomber. These brave men and women risk their lives and limbs for Israel every day. When they are severely injured, how do they begin to recover from such traumatic experiences and learn to live again?



Photos: Idan Peled


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