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New Young Leadership Board Raises Critical Funds

In 2014, Friends of Israel Disabled Veterans-Beit Halochem established a new Young Leadership Board to reach out to a younger constituency. This team of energetic millennials continues to focus on raising awareness of the organization’s mission and critical program funds.

Michael Shmuely and Jacob Kent, Chairs of the Young Leadership Board, are leading an active committee of 35 members. Michael Leichtling, longtime FIDV Chair, sees the Young Leadership Board as part of the future of FIDV.

“I am very optimistic about this group of young leaders. They are an articulate and personable group filled with energy and ideas. And FIDV is committed to provide such support and resources as they need to really succeed.”

“Jake and I are very excited to work with this group on behalf of FIDV-Beit Halochem. This is an incredible opportunity to truly make a difference for our wounded soldiers. We are all founding members of a group that will grow and accomplish amazing things in the years ahead.”

Their commitment to helping Israeli disabled veterans runs especially deep. Brave soldiers and terror survivors, once seriously wounded, are still the foundation of our community and need our help. With the participation of these new Young Leaders, we hope to enter a time when even the most seriously wounded Israeli warriors can heal, recover, and rejoin the larger Jewish and Israeli communities.

Young Leadership Board

Jacob A. Kent
Michael Shmuely


Jacob Pereg


Jessica Ackerman
Abby Alon
Elise Balaban
Rebecca Basloe
Justin Bell
Jessica Brezel
Matthew Coleman
Justin Cooper
Benjamin Davis
Sam Diener
Gideon Drucker
Jonathan Duber
Liat Dunkelman
Dana Eisenberg
Maddy Ellberger
Joshua Friedman
Hallie Geller
Max Gladstone
Romy Golan
Oren Goodman
Dana Himoff
Corey Horowitz
Jordan Katz
Jordan Kestenbaum
Josh Knoll
Alexandra Leibovits
Racine Levy
Eliese Lissner
Molly Lukash
Abigail Major
Lana Meyer
Deanna Meyer
Howard Mizel
Raquel Moffson
Kara Mondry
Ari Papir
Daniella Pomeranc
Eitan Reshef
Jillian Rothman
Leat Ruben
Jordan Schwitzer
Michael Sheffy
Danielle Shmuely
Jennifer Silvershein
Justin Soleimani
Marc Squire
Kelsey Stander
Jenna Tyrangel
David Weiss
Gabriella Zahn-Bielski
Ariel Zuckerman


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