Our Everyday Heroes

Noam Gershony with his gold medal at the 2012 London Games.
Noam Gershony

Noam Gershony

Noam Gershony, an Apache Helicopter Pilot was almost 24 when in the midst of the Second Lebanon War, July 2006, he was severely wounded in a collision between two helicopters while on his way to a mission across the border.

Noam was hospitalized for six months in both Rambam and Tel Hashomer hospitals and began a long and difficult rehabilitation process.  Despite the hardships he chose to look at the half full glass and aimed at achieving the goals he set for himself.

His visits to Tel Aviv’s Beit Halochem brought him to the tennis court which rekindled an old love he had for the game.  The Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization gave him the necessary framework for this activity and under the professional guidance of the Israeli National Team’s coach, Noam began training regularly at Beit Halochem.  He showed perseverance, dedication and an amazing self-discipline.

Within only four years he found himself competing against far more experienced players.  His achievements soared and he made sports history when he became the first Israeli disabled athlete to win a gold medal at the most prestigious Masters Competition and Australian Open where leading tennis players the world over compete.

Despite a demanding daily schedule which includes physiotherapy treatments and professional training sessions, Noam finds time to volunteer to work and support youth.  Skiing is another old hobby he was not willing to give up after becoming disabled.

“My disability”, he says, “shouldn’t affect my life.  One makes adjustments.  There’s no reason to give up on one’s dreams and all our options are open”.

In the 2012 London Paralympic Games Noam Gershony won the Gold Medal.  For Noam, the sky’s the limit!


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