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Ohad Roisblatt today
Ohad Roisblatt today

Ohad Roisblatt

Ohad Roisblatt, now 24 years old, enlisted in the Golani Brigade, 51st Battalion, in 2010 when he was 18 years old. He had already graduated from Kiryat Haim High School, where he had majored in computer science and physics.

After basic training and advanced training, he joined the Commander’s course. He returned to the 51st Battalion 51 as a platoon commander. Later he became an officer, and commanded recruits in the 13th Battalion, as well as the scouts unit.

During Operation Zuk Eitan, he led the Golani Brigade into battle in the Sajyea neighborhood. On July 20, 2014, during one of the most difficult battles in Gaza, their unit was hit. Ohad lost 7 of his recruits that day. He was severely wounded himself and was evacuated to a hospital.

“I went through two surgeries on my legs and I spent several months in the hospital… After a year of intense rehabilitation, I decided the best rehab for me was to return to the army,” Ohad said.

Which he did, returning as an officer in the Military Command and Leadership boarding school in Haifa. After one year of teaching he chose to end his military career and is now working on his next endeavor. He plans to study law and international relations and wants to be an Israeli ambassador.


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