Scholarship winner

Scholarships awarded at special ZDVO-Beit Halochem ceremony

(Israel) We are proud to report that ZDVO-Beit Halochem have awarded 649 academic, vocational training, and creative arts scholarships at a special ceremony on December 23, 2021. The total amount awarded for scholarships was US$857,000 (2,700,000 NIS), raised from Friends Organizations worldwide, private donors, and endowments.

This ceremony of the Tel Aviv & Central District, held at Beit Halochem Tel Aviv, was a special evening. The overall feeling was of a big, united family that embraced ZDVO, Beit Halochem members and our donors in solidarity.

Among the distinguished guests were Edan Kleiman, ZDVO Chairman, Avi Lehrman, ZDVO General Manager, Koby Itzhak, and Chairman of the Tel Aviv & Central District.

Liran Hadad, a disabled veteran, spoke on behalf of the scholarship recipients. He also performed a song with his group of Beit Halochem musicians.

We attach great importance to the scholarship support project. The opportunities resulting from the program have a tremendous positive impact on the lives of our Beit Halochem men and women, helping them with their reintegration into society through education and career acquisition.

A special thank you to all of our US donors who help make this possible every year.


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