Beit Halochem Tel Aviv's Wall Climbing Club

FIDV to receive $50,000 grant from Acharai Fund

Acharai Fund logoFIDV is the 2017 sole recipient of the $50,000 award from the Acharai Fund.

This very generous award will allow us to continue to support the rehabilitation of disabled Israeli veterans at our Beit Halochem centers in Tel Aviv, Beer Sheva and Haifa.

Without the generous support of the families of the Acharai Fund we could not continue to support those wounded as they move forward and continue to rebuild their lives around the new normal.

The Acharai Fund is a multi-generational giving circle formed by a group of families in the suburban Philadelphia area. Their mission is to support, discuss and engage with the next generation about philanthropy. They support projects in three areas, Assisting Victims of Terror and War, Supporting Youth at Risk, and Shalom Bayit: Promoting Tolerance in Israel.


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