CIM 2018 Kevin Slawin


Kevin Slawin is riding in Courage in Motion 2018

As a doctor and prostate cancer robotic surgeon, I have loved having the opportunity and ability to help people through a difficult time in their lives, the diagnosis of prostate cancer.  Now that I have taken a break from the practice of medicine, I am looking for other ways to help people and give back for all the good fortune that I have experienced in my life.  This Courage in Motion bicycle ride in support of injured IDF soldiers is a way to help those who have risked their lives in service to others, while at the same time allowing me to challenge myself.  I hope that you’ll support me in this endeavor and in doing so, helping many others who are so deserving of our support.

Kevin Slawin, MD

Kevin Slawin, MD

I am a 57-year-old successful and experienced oncologic surgeon, biotech consultant, investor, and founder focusing on disruptive technologies in oncology e.g. T cells and immunotherapies, gene therapy, and others.  I am the Co-Inventor of -2 pro PSA (P2PSA) and BPSA, which formed the basis of Beckman Coulter’s FDA-approved “Prostate Health Index (phi test)”, and Co-Inventor of DeCIDe, CIDeCAR, GoCAR-T and GoTCR technology that were the basis of my founding Bellicum Pharmaceuticals, Inc, a cellular immunotherapy company listed on NASDAQ (NASDAQ: BLCM).  I am currently the Founder and President of Rapha Capital Management LLC, providing early stage investment, as well as guidance  and expertise to exciting, disruptive biotechnology companies.  I reside in Surfside, FL and have three wonderful and successful children, Jeremy, Eden and Bailey.


October 22-October 26, 2018


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