160 members of the ZDVO received motorized scooters

The Adelsons Donate Mobility Scooters to Beit Halochem Disabled Veterans


At a moving ceremony which took place yesterday at Tel Aviv’s Beit Halochem, 160 members of the ZDVO were the happy recipients of a motorized scooter, donated by Dr. Miriam and Sheldon Adelson through the Friends of the ZDVO in Israel.

“The scooter is my legs. It will enable me, after many difficult years, to be mobile with ease over long distances,” said 53 yr. old Nissim Ben Shabat. “This is something that until today was almost impossible for me to do. Shabat was wounded in the First Lebanon War (1982) in a building collapse in the City of Tyre.

Another scooter recipient is 43 yr. old Roni Gozlan, a former Border Policeman, who lost both his legs in 2002 when he threw himself on a terrorist who then blew himself up.  The youngest veteran to benefit is 38, the oldest is 90.

The Adelsons visited Tel Aviv’s Beit Halochem six months ago when they attended the inauguration ceremony of the new Hydrotherapy Pool generously donated by them.  It was during this visit that they made up their minds to find a way to help disabled veterans with mobility difficulties.

Major General (res.) Elyezer Shkedy, Chairman of Friends of the ZDVO in Israel, thanked the Adelsons for their generous donation and emphasized its great contribution to improving veterans’ daily lives.



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