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Sivan addressed the FIDV Young Leaders Gala in March 2018
Sivan addressed the FIDV Young Leaders Gala in March 2018.

Sivan Ron

Sivan Ron grew up in Kibbutz Lotem together with his three brothers in the north of Israel. He did a year of voluntary community service with “Youth at Risk” before joining the army.

At the end of the volunteer service year, Sivan enlisted in the elite “Maglan” unit.

During Operation Protective Edge (2014), Sivan’s team encountered fierce battles against terrorists. In one of those battles, Ron was seriously injured by shrapnel from an explosive charge detonated near the building where his team was.

Sivan underwent many operations as part of his recovery and rehabilitation. During this period, he decided that he wanted to work educating Israeli youth and provide them with guidance.

He and his wife Noam have been together for eight years, overcoming all kinds of obstacles along the way. His strength and overall physical health finally returned to him, and he and Noam decided to try something different.

“We decided to move to New York, where Noam is a fashion student at FIT, following her dream, and I am studying communications and public relations in Manhattan,” Sivan has stated.

Sivan addressed the FIDV Young Leaders Gala in March 2018, noting:

“As one who has witnessed from close range the impact … Beit Halochem has on wounded veterans, I was very excited to meet the people who support that amazing facility from so away. [It was] a reminder of how essential this magnificent bond between the Jewish community of North America and the State of Israel really is.”

Sivan currently works with Garin Tzabar, an organization that is helping young American Jews prepare to make Aliya and join the IDF.


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