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5 Towns 5K Run/Walk 2019 – Register for Team #AVIDSTRONG

Team #AVIDSTRONG Registration - 5 Towns 5K Run/Walk

Helping those that need help takes you to a different level. Let’s fight our hardest for a GREAT CAUSE! #AVIDSTRONG




Team #AVIDSTRONG is made up of some of the strongest out there. Our goal is to help people crush their goals through teamwork and motivation! Men, Women and Children of all ages…join our team and you will make a difference in someones life! #AVIDSTRONG

May 19, 2019

Team Members

  • Nechama Berkovits
  • Chana Braverman
  • Jeff Cohen
  • Joey Cohen
  • Laila Cohen
  • Avi Dagan
  • Mandy Dagan
  • Rebecca Dagan
  • Tara Dagan
  • Scott Farrell
  • Sarah Ginsburg
  • Duvy Goldberg
  • Perri Moskovic
  • Daniel Moskovic
  • Joseph Moskovic
  • Ally Rahmani
  • Nathan Rahmani
  • Jake Rahmani
  • Chana Wertheimer
  • Shira Wertheimer
  • Aliza Wertheimer
  • Jacob Wertheimer

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