President Shimon Peres Launches the ZDVO’s Hanukkah Torch Race

More than 200 Zahal Disabled Veterans took part in the 3rd annual Hanukkah “Torch Race.” President Peres ‘launched’ the race from his official residence in Jerusalem during Hanukkah last week. Riding hand bikes, tandem bikes and regular bikes, the Zahal Disabled Veterans began their route through the streets of Jerusalem, leaving the President’s Residence and ending at Jerusalem’s Beit Halochem.

In his words of greeting President Peres said: “You are the heroes of two wars. The war in which you were wounded lasted but a short time, but the battle for rehabilitation goes on a life time. I want to tell you that your injury and disability should not bring your spirits down.”

Peres expressed his admiration for the wounded veterans and assured them everyone in Israel stands behind them and supports them in their rehabilitation. He added: “You are going on a race, the race for life… We love you and are proud of you.” The President then raised the banner of Beit Halochem and launched the race.

Haim Ronen, Director General of the ZDVO thanked the President for hosting the Torch Race launching event and said this is the culmination of a week-long salute to Zahal Disabled Veterans in which we salute our members, men and women for their bravery, sacrifice and for the victory of the spirit over the limitations of the body.


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