Chairman’s Message – Passover 2018

A Passover Greeting from Our Chairman,

Michael A. Leichtling

Dear Friend of FIDV,

As Passover approaches, my thoughts turn to the heroic men and women who protect Israel for all of us. Some of these heroes have sustained life-changing injuries: their lives will never be the same after losing a leg, a hand, being blinded, or suffering from PTSD.

How do they heal? They come to Beit Halochem (House of the Warrior)! At Beit Halochem we do it all.

More than 51,000 men and women, and their families come to our Beit Halochem centers in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Beer Sheva for assistance. They deserve our help, whether old-timers injured as far back as the War of Independence in 1949, or more recently in a terror attack.

At this special season, please give with an open heart, whether $36, $54, $90, $180 or another amount. Each dollar is much-needed and will go to help our heroes overcome the many challenges of living with a disability.

Mike Guy, who made Aliyah from England, first served with Mahal (Foreign Volunteers), then in the Paratroopers Brigade. His wife, Rachel, was in the Air Force. His sons also served: Shahar (Paratroopers Brigade), and Eran and Eyal (Egoz).

At age 56, after a training accident, Mike discovered he had a rare cancer in his right leg. The cure was amputation, as high as possible.

“My injury opened up a new life for me – the world of Beit Halochem,” Mike says.

At Beit Halochem, Mike became engrossed in competitive wheelchair tennis. He is not the only family member Beit Halochem is helping. His son, Eran, suffered grave head injuries in a car crash while serving in Egoz, in which several of his friends were killed.

The Young Disabled Club at Beit Halochem Tel Aviv is a daily lifeline for Eran.

Today, Eran enthusiastically participates in therapeutic horseback riding, table tennis, occupational therapy, cultural activities, and special jeep excursions.


Me’Dor Le’Dor, going from slavery to freedom, at Passover this is the story we share.

The young veterans like Eran, and those of previous generations like Mike and Rachel, have given so much to protect Israel and her people. With your ongoing support, BEIT HALOCHEM will always be there to help them in return.

Thank you for your commitment and friendship. We cannot do this without you!
Happy Passover,


Michael A. Leichtling, Chairman
Friends of Israel Disabled Veterans-Beit Halochem

PS: You can read the whole story of Mike and Eran Guy in our Profiles in Courage here.


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