Happy Hanukkah - Message from FIDV Chairman

Chairman’s Hanukkah Message 2018

“At Beit Halochem, you are the story.
Each and every one of us is the story of the State of Israel.”

– Roei Ben Tolila


Roei Ben Tolila

Roei Ben Tolila

Dear Friend of FIDV,

This year is the 70th birthday of Israel! We celebrate those heroes who have made it all possible.

As you light the Hanukkah candles this year, you can brighten the lives of the men and women disabled while defending Israel, both the newly wounded and those injured as far back as the War of Independence in 1948.

Please make a special gift to FIDV-Beit Halochem to help ensure that Beit Halochem will always be there to help our heroes on their long road to recovery! Rebuilding lives: it’s what we do.

Roei Ben Tolila, a career officer in the Maglan special forces unit, in 2004, he took a bullet to his spine while on duty. His injury left him confined to a wheelchair. The transition was traumatic: At the start of my rehabilitation period I was very sad, Roei remembers. Being an officer in Maglan is a powerful experience a powerful experience. You feel you are invincible and then you get this slap in the face.”

He is one of the 51,000 disabled veterans, and survivors of terror attacks, who come to our Beit Halochem centers in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Beer Sheva for individualized therapies and treatments, sports training and challenges, and a community of those who have been there that supports one another on the long road to recovery.

Roei Ben Tolila - Practicing for Life

Practicing for Life

Then, at the basketball court at Beit Halochem Tel Aviv, what I saw changed my entire world. For me it was the closest thing to the camaraderie of a team of soldiers, but playing on the court of life.”

Hanukkah is a special time to celebrate our survival, and those who defend Israel. Please make a gift now to Friends of Israel Disabled Veterans-Beit Halochem: $54, $72, $108, $180 or another amount. You can give at any time at www.fidv.org/donate.

Roei helped establish a competitive wheelchair basketball team at Beit Halochem Jerusalem, which he calls his second home. He muses, “After being injured you discover that the range of sports available…You take your body — or what is left of it — to the limit of its ability to be a winning team.”

Now the head of his own business called Roim, Ben Tolila facilitates workshops to “develop leadership for commanders and managers. …The winners are the ones who work together. At Beit Halochem our veterans may take up competitive basketball as has Roei Ben Tolila, enjoy outings as part of the Gil-On retirees clubs, pursue higher education and professional licenses through scholarship assistance, and much more!

Roie with Beit Halochem Jerusalem Wheelchair Basketball Team and supporters

Roie (center) with Beit Halochem Jerusalem Wheelchair Basketball Team and supporters

Join our team! The much-needed funds you give will energize our disabled veterans and help them face living with – and overcoming – disability. Make the most generous gift you can to FIDV-Beit Halochem this Hanukkah.

Your ongoing generosity makes everything we do at Beit Halochem possible. As you light the Hanukkah candles, please know that together we can accomplish miracles but we cannot do this without you!
Thank you!

Wishing you Hag Hanukkah Sameach – Happy Hanukkah,


Michael A. Leichtling, Chair of the Board
Friends of Israel Disabled Veterans-Beit Halochem


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