Our Everyday Heroes

Shimon Navon
Shimon Navon today

Captain Shimon Navon

Captain Shimon Navon, who served his country twice, was badly burned during the First Intifada, in a terrorist attack on his vehicle. Two Molotov cocktails were thrown at his jeep, setting it on fire. The massive injuries necessitated amputation of his fingers, as well as many surgeries to correct the damage to his face. Shimon sees it this way, “I was wounded. I served my country and was injured in war… [This] didn’t bring my life to a halt.”

Shimon now operates a gas station in Israel, and meets people every day as part of this work. He and his wife Miri have two children, proving, “There are so many positive things you can do with your life…

When the wounds have healed, and you come out of the hospital and you get to Beit Halochem, to that warm home, I say to myself, ‘How lucky we are, the State of Israel and the injured veterans, to have the whole Jewish people behind us.’”


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